Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What if? More thoughts and ramblings from Desert Shadow

What if Area 51 was opened to the public for all to see? I have thought about this possibility many times and continue to come to the same conclusion. I don’t want to see Area 51 with my own eyes! You might be wondering why. To be completely honest, I am sure that I would be disappointed with what I find.

The more research one does into Area 51, the more obvious it is that there is no reliable proof that anything extraterrestrial ever existed at Area 51. In fact, I have not found a single piece of non refutable evidence that could be considered a “smoking gun”. I wouldn’t be completely surprised if someday that piece of evidence does surface. I can definitely see a scenario where a crashed saucer was sent to be back engineered at Groom Lake. It is remote and away from spying eyes, but the evidence show that it was CIA and Skunkworks that settled on Groom Lake as their Top Secret testing facility. Some of the projects that were developed and tested there have been declassified, so it is natural to think that the next generation of crafts are being developed and tested there. I imagine that there are some types of UAV’s that are currently being tested. I am extremely interested to see what is being housed in the new hanger that has been recently finished. It is now the largest on the base. I am thinking it is some type of unmanned fighter or bomber that is going to be housed in that hanger. How awesome would it be to have an unmanned bomber capable of delivering it’s payload to a target without the risk of the pilot being shot down? In my mind that is the logical next step in the advancement of unmanned drones.

I have to admit that any new technology is fascinating, but the majority of our population is more interested in the prospect that our scientist are working side by side with there alien counter parts, or the New World Order (Illuminati) are secretly meeting at Area 51 to planning on how to take over the world. It is a sure bet that while those may be fun to discuss, there is absolutely no proof, anything like that is actually going on. For must people, including me, the actually day to day workings of Area 51 would probably be somewhat boring. Since I can’t get near the actual base, I am free to imagine the possibilities. For that reason, Area 51 will continue to be a fascinating place. I have read many individuals who looked at Area 51 in the beginning of there research trying to prove the Alien or UFO connection only to become completely dejected and leave the journey after a few years of searching with no results. I went into this journey knowing full well what was behind those mountains, but searching and experiencing all perspectives of Area 51 with no grand illusions of what I might find. I enjoy Groom Lake Road, the signs, the mailbox, an Alien Burger from the Little A Le Inn, watching the sky above Groom Lake at night, and the unknown! If we ever found the answer to “what if” I am afraid all of the above would have less meaning and interest, therefore my journey would abruptly stop. I would be left unfulfilled, dejected and searching for a new journey. Until the gates are opened, I will continue my journey with a great deal of enthusiasm. –Desert Shadow

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Upcoming Area 51 Conference

Here is a link to an Area 51 conference this August. The list of guests looks real strong. The conference is going to cover the various aspects of Area 51. I am really interested to hear the various guests speak on their topics. The conference is going to be in Las Vegas. Looks good!

Click for more conference details