Saturday, January 23, 2010

Photographic proof Aliens live at Area 51

Well maybe not really aliens but this track was at the Rachel gate this afternoon. The snow was incredible. about a 1-2 feet everywhere. Coyote Summit was a little rough. They have not plowed it yet. Rachel is without power. The Little A Le Inn is running off a generator. We had to walk the last 500 feet to the GLR warning signs. I will send some pics. and a trip report this evening. This post is for your insight. For the last few visits (6-7 visits) something regularly has been happening. When anybody shows up at the signs on GLR the new cammo dude truck is awaiting as usual. The white jeep has been joining him and then the new trucks leaves immediately and goes to the shack, I presume. I was with my family this morning and a friend and noticed this happened again. The friend said, "I bet they are going to monitor something at the shack". That all of a sudden makes sense. Do you guys think they are now monitoring friendly visitors back at the shack with some new equipment? One watches on the hill, what does the other "cammo dude" leave for and what does he do at the shack? We were also lucky enough to get a "buzz" by an F-16 while down at the GLR signs. It came so fast and low, I didn't have time to get the camera on it and then it was gone. Pretty cool day! The kids left an alien snowman for the "cammo dudes".

PS. What the heck animal left that track at the back gate?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Uncomfortable standoff!

It was sort of funny, but I wimped out in the end. As I arrived at the Rachel Gate, a white semi with government plates showed up at the same time. I pulled way to the side of the road with plenty of room for the semi to pass by but he didn't move. He stayed right where he is in the picture. The guard opened the door and closed it quickly. The truck just stayed there. I thought maybe he wasn't moving because I had my camera out, so I put it away. He still didn't move. A few minutes passed and there was no movement. Some more minutes passed and still no movement. I started feeling a little uncomfortable at this point. I go out there quite a bit and have never had a problem with the security and didn't want any issue this time. I waited a few more minutes and then finally decided to leave. The semi won! He waited for me to be plenty far away and left. He headed down a different road than I was on. He cut through Rachel and went out towards Warm Springs. I was waiting for him at the entrance to the back gate road before you get to Rachel, so I didn't get any other pictures of him. He appeared to be just your usual semi, but he definitely didn't want any more photos taken. Everything else was quiet as usual around the perimeter today!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Security Truck in Action

Here is the new "cammo dude" truck in action behind the warning signs. I wonder why that truck has the deep water fording exhaust?

Friday, January 8, 2010

New and Old security vehicles

I wonder who gets to drive the old jeep? Here is a photo of the new Ford 2010 Super Duty 4x4. The photo was taken on 1-6-10.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Engine Thrust Noise at Area 51

I ran out to the perimeter of Area 51 just to see what was going on.
Usually there is not much action on our side. Now the interesting
part, we both heard this strange noise. I have been to the GLR warning
signs at least 40-45 times and never heard anything like this before.
It sounded like a rumble just past the first set of hills. I thought
it sounded like a hot air balloon when they pull the cord to fill it.
It sounded like engine thrusting but there was nothing in the sky. It
would last 12-15 seconds at a burst and then stop suddenly. This
happened at least 3-4 times. Is it possible to hear engine thrust
testing from Groom at the GLR warning signs. To me it seems way too
far. I was able to capture this sound twice on my digital camera. The
video quality sucks! The loudest sound is my camera. If you
concentrate on the background sound you will hear the rumble. It was
quite noticeable at the GLR. Everybody heard it and questioned what it
was. If you watch the video a few times you can hear the sound.
Any thoughts???

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Paved Groom Lake Road

I took a wonderful couple from England on a tour this past Wednesday (12-30-09). There were quite a few more cars in the parking lot at the Sheriff's Annex in Alamo. I counted 14 cars and trucks where the Area 51 workers park to catch the bus. Once we got to the Groom Lake Road warning signs, it was easy to see they had newly paved the part of Groom Lake Road past the signs. We witnessed the "cammo dudes" speeding down "cammo hill" and turning onto the newly paved road towards the guardshack. Everything else on the tour was the same as usual. The weather continues to offer beautiful sights with all the fresh snow! This is definitely my favorite time to visit the area.