Friday, December 11, 2009

Area 51 Winter Wonderland

I took some friends out to Area 51 to check things out. I hadn't been
there in about three weeks. The snow was beautiful. We went to the
back gate out of Rachel and I noticed the snow was really torn up on
the road. It looked as if quite a few trucks had been on the road. Out
in front of the Little A Le Inn were several dirt haulers. East of the
Little A Le Inn were two mounds of dirt. Two different types of dirt
and a few front end loaders there. Before you get to Rachel the is a
new gravel pit that is really active. Mounds of dirt everywhere. I
local resident of Rachel told me that this all showed up about two
weeks ago and they are hauling dirt all day long through the back gate
at Rachel. I asked it was due to them fixing the nearby roads and they
said no the dirt is going to Area 51 and nobody knows why. Any info
from anybody else? I took pictures of the trucks, two different piles
of dirt, and the dirt pit. I am wondering if the person in Rachel I
spoke with was correct. Is the dirt heading to Area 51?

Photo of dirt West of Little A Le Inn

Photo of trucks parked across from Little A Le Inn

Photo of dirt pit before you enter Rachel

Any thoughts?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Plan to ship wild horses back East -Hell No!

This plan sucks! I spend a lot of time in Eastern and Central Nevada
and hate the thought of the gov. sending these wild horses East. There
seems like plenty of land and food available. It seems more like the
gov. is trying to get them off the land for the ranchers. Nothing is
more beautiful then the wild horses out near the Range.

Photo was taken about 35 minutes from Area 51!

Link to the article