Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another S4 Story and a W2

It seems like every few years a worker at S4 surfaces with a fancy story about UFOs, aliens, and reverse engineered crafts buried deed inside the Papoose Mountain Range near Area 51. Without fail, a W2 is offered up as proof. Sounds like the Bob Lazar story all over again. The stories are usually similar in many aspects. This one even has misspelled words on the W2. Thanks to aviation historian Peter Merlin for pointing out the mistakes. See if you can find the errors. This story is a wonderful example of the ET mythology that still is an important part of the world-wide popularity of Area 51. This story deals with Dick Cheney, alien bodies, UFO's and Bob Lazar's S4. This story has a little something for everybody. What more could any Area 51 enthusiast want?

Cheney taken to S4

Monday, July 20, 2009

Mysterious Load on ET Highway Heading North!

George Knapp shared this email and photos on the Coast To Coast Am website tonight (7-19-09). He usually guest host once a month and has a few stories or updates about Area 51. He said he believes this load might be a tractor tire heading to one of the large mines in the northern part of Nevada. He said it sure looks interesting and wondered if it was heading out to Area 51. I thought the photo was pretty interesting as well, but probably is a very large tire as well. And then, the more I look at it, I am starting to think maybe it is heading out the Area 51. I am not sure it is a tire. I have seen a few other pictures and it looks like some part of it is made of metal. Any ideas?

Here is the link to Coast To Coast AM

Mysterious Load

Monday, July 13, 2009

Please build me a "Hypersonic Jet" at Area 51

One of the things we all like to do is try and figure out what new craft or technology is being tested at Area 51. It is hard to make an conclusions from the new images recently posted on DLR. The best part of the images is that they lead to great discussions and raise more questions than answers. Nothing better than looking at images and posts during the company work time! I came across this article from the Edwards AFB website and thought to myself, "haven't we passed this point already with this technology." I guess not! Maybe we have? I was sort of wishing something with this technology would already be living in the big new hangar at our favorite operating location near Groom Lake?
Scramjet is Edward's latest experimental aircraft

I want my taxes paying for the next generation Hypersonic with test pilots like "The Right Stuff" or the Road Runners! We have the best pilots in the world without question, and I want to see them (or at least hear them) flying over Area 51 in the next generation Hypersonic. I don't look at Area 51 or anything related to it with a scientific, reasoned, educated mind set. I approach Area 51 with my "heart".

"As the speed topped out at Mach 1.05, Yeager had the sensation of shooting straight through the top of the sky. The sky turned a deep purple and all at once the stars and the moon came out - the sun shone at the same time. ... He was simply looking out into space. ... He was master of the sky. His was a king's solitude, unique and inviolate, above the dome of the world."

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Camera I Must Have Missed!

While taking a various nice couple on a tour of Area 51, I noticed a camera that I had not noticed before. It is down on Groom Lake Road near the warning signs. It is located between the hill with the two tripod mounted camera and the hill next to it. The camera can be seen far off in the distance between the two hills. It appears to be on the same type of tower as the camera at the Back Gate. I am wonder how long it has been there. It is not easy to see and it appears to be able to film the cars heading down Groom Lake Road before they get to the warning signs. Just wondering??? If you click on the photo, the picture will enlarge and make it easier to see the camera.