Thursday, June 17, 2010

Air Force Rescue Helicopter

I was driving home from work this afternoon and notice the above Air Force rescue helicopter on the landing pad a Centennial Hills Hospital. It was on the pad used by the commercial emergency helicopters. I hate it when I see one of those helicopters land because it is usually not "good" for the patient. I was wondering who they dropped off? I wonder if it was a civilian or military member that was dropped off. I saw the helicopter leave and fly in a direct line towards Creech Air Force Base. It could have gone to any location on the range near Creech AFB or the Nevada Test Site. This made me think about where somebody is taken with severe injuries on the Nellis Range, Creech AFB, Nevada Test Site or even Area 51. I figured most would go to Nellis, but I am not sure what level trauma they have there. I would have thought that if somebody was going to airlifted to a hospital in Las Vegas they would have gone to UMC. I know UMC is the highest level trauma center in Nevada (I believe). Centennial Hills is definitely the closest hospital by air from the west side of the Nellis Range. Any thoughts about who might have been airlifted this afternoon and where would the seriously injured on the Nellis Range, Creech, or Area 51 be taken? Sorry for the quality of the photo. It was taken out of my car window in traffic. It definitely said Rescue and Air Force on the tail.