Wednesday, February 25, 2009

UFO Hunter Area 51 Episode

I just finished watching the UFO Hunter Area 51 episode. I enjoyed it. It covered all the stuff that makes Area 51 interesting to me. I would have enjoyed it a little more if they would have really let John Lear go into some of his "wild" Area 51 claims. The Desert Rat did a great job not getting anybody killed climbing Tikaboo at night. It was neat to see Glenn involved in Area 51 again and in prime time. Peter Merlin definitely looked like a "Rock Star". The hat and jacket were great and his knowledge of the history of Area 51 and the different projects was impressive, but I already knew he is the real deal. The Hi Def shots from Tikaboo were great. The episode left me wondering "what the hell" is in that new hanger?" I also thought The Desert Rat looked a little shorter in Hi Def, or the guy he was with was really tall. Anyway, I give it a B+ I am sure the "hardcore" Black Project folks were offended by the Lazar and Lear stuff, but the Alien/UFO theories are what sells!!!