Friday, December 11, 2009

Area 51 Winter Wonderland

I took some friends out to Area 51 to check things out. I hadn't been
there in about three weeks. The snow was beautiful. We went to the
back gate out of Rachel and I noticed the snow was really torn up on
the road. It looked as if quite a few trucks had been on the road. Out
in front of the Little A Le Inn were several dirt haulers. East of the
Little A Le Inn were two mounds of dirt. Two different types of dirt
and a few front end loaders there. Before you get to Rachel the is a
new gravel pit that is really active. Mounds of dirt everywhere. I
local resident of Rachel told me that this all showed up about two
weeks ago and they are hauling dirt all day long through the back gate
at Rachel. I asked it was due to them fixing the nearby roads and they
said no the dirt is going to Area 51 and nobody knows why. Any info
from anybody else? I took pictures of the trucks, two different piles
of dirt, and the dirt pit. I am wondering if the person in Rachel I
spoke with was correct. Is the dirt heading to Area 51?

Photo of dirt West of Little A Le Inn

Photo of trucks parked across from Little A Le Inn

Photo of dirt pit before you enter Rachel

Any thoughts?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Plan to ship wild horses back East -Hell No!

This plan sucks! I spend a lot of time in Eastern and Central Nevada
and hate the thought of the gov. sending these wild horses East. There
seems like plenty of land and food available. It seems more like the
gov. is trying to get them off the land for the ranchers. Nothing is
more beautiful then the wild horses out near the Range.

Photo was taken about 35 minutes from Area 51!

Link to the article

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Busy Saturday and Beautiful Wild Horses!

We needed to take a family trip out to our favorite part of Nevada. We headed out to Eastern Nevada after a long week at work. Our plans were to visit Delamar Ghost town and Caliente. Having to drive through Alamo, we decided to take a look at the parking lot where the white bus parks on the weekend. The white bus takes workers to and from Area 51 during the weekdays. The usual sight was the amount of cars there on a Saturday morning. Normally, there are no cars parked there on the weekends. There were also cars parked at the ET HWY sign in Crystal Springs. This was very unusual. The bus appeared to be a different bus as well. I am wondering if the cars were due to construction going on at Groom Lake. Maybe they would work on certain projects during the weekend. I am not really sure, but it seems odd. Here is a photo of the busy lot (for a Saturday)
Alamo Sheriff's Annex

After taking a few photos in Alamo and Crystal Springs, we headed to Delamar Ghost Town and Caliente. The ghost town is approximately 15 miles down a dirt road from the highway. The first ten miles were ok, but the last part was way too rocky. I didn't want to chance slicing a tire on the sharp rocks out in the middle of nowhere. We made it to the Delamar Cemetery. I was really quite fascinating. Here is a link to some of the photos from this area:
Delamar Cemetery

The real treat was the journey back to the highway. We encountered two beautiful wild horses. They were suprised to see us and back away quickly, but we got some incredible shots with the old camera. Each time I see these beautiful creatures, I only hope Nevada and the BLM is doing everything they can to protect them.
Wild Horses

Here is a link to all the photos take during this wonderful Saturday getaway!
Delamar Photo Album

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nellis AFB Aviation Nation 2009

What a great airshow. My brother and dad came down from Fresno, California for the yearly airshow at Nellis. The lines were a little long to get in and the wait for a bus back to the parking lot after the show was long as well, but the Thunderbirds and other performers more than made up for the lines. It was cool to see the B-52 and her crew. I asked one of the crew members how he likes flying on the Nellis Range. He enjoys coming out there. He is stationed in Lousiana. Of course, I had to ask him about flying over Area 51 and the restricted airspace. He replied, "I have know idea about any of that". Good answer! Here is link to the other photos and a few videos I took of the Thunderbirds.

Nellis AFB Aviation Nation 2009

Friday, November 6, 2009

White Blazer Cammo Dude?

I took a great grandma and her grandson out to Area 51 for a tour. The two of them were from Virginia. I am sure walking around the "Strip" in Las Vegas Halloween night was an adventure. It probably was more of an adventure than heading out to Area 51. The two were really excited about the tour. They were amazed at the desolation of the desert in that area, but also appreciated the beauty of it. The tour included all of the typical stops and sights. The only thing out of the ordinary was the white Blazer that showed up to talk to the "cammo dudes" at the warning signs. I had never seen that Blazer before. All of the current "cammo dude" trucks are a brownish color that blends in very well with the surrounding desert. The white truck came up from behind and two "cammo dudes" jumped out and started talking to the other two dudes in the brown truck. The driver of the white Blazer sure had a nice hand gun strapped to his leg. I wonder what kind of a gun it was? I had a nice pair of binoculars on them to see what was up! After watching them talk for a while, we left the area and headed to the mailbox.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Red Flag Oct. 09

It sure has been a very busy Red Flag exercise out of Nellis. Each night there have been countless numbers of jets flying overhead out to the Nellis Range. I went to Nellis this Friday evening in hopes of taking some photos of the B1 Bombers that have been participating. Unfortunately the two B1's were already parked for the evening. I did manage to get at least one cool shot of a plane returning from exercises and landing at Nellis shortly before sunset.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Great Tours with a Canadian and two Aussies!

What an early day. The Paradise Ranch started at 5am and ended at 11:30pm. Sounds like a long day, and it was, but it was worth it. I did two tours on Saturday. The first tour started early in the morning. It was a beautiful sight to see the sun rising over the high desert on the way out to Area 51. The day ended with an evening tour to Area 51. The sunset over Area 51 was breath taking. Overall, they were great people and the day was a blast. The only new thing to report is the road maintenance on Groom Lake Road near the warning signs. They are also scraping the edges of the road near the "white mailbox".

Click to watch a video Trip Report of our tour!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Video Trip Report -Area 51 Tour 10/10/09

Here is a video trip report of our Area 51 Tour with a wonderful German couple. They were a great couple to share Area 51 with. The tour was Saturday October 10, 2009. Everything out at the perimeter of Area 51 seemed normal. The weather was great and we did a lot of shopping at the New Area 51 Research Center. The center is opened on the weekends from 10am to 6pm. They have some real funny Area 51 themed shirts and magnets.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Groom Lake Road in Rough Shape!

Rain Damaged Groom Lake Road, Trip Report 9-05-09

We decided to take a little trip to Eastern Nevada to get out of the heat. Our first stop was Alamo to check out what was parked at the Sheriff's Annex. ItArea 519509 006 was the usual suspects, the white bus and one worker's truck. Everything in Alamo seemed the same as usual. The next stop would be Groom Lake Road. I figured we would head down to the warning signs and see what was "cooking". A few miles down GLR, it was real obvious the recent rain had caused quite a bit of damage to the road. The area was under severe flood warnings for two days and by the shape of Area 519509 010the road it looked like they got quite a bit of rain. Much of the sides of the road have been washed out. I would say there is more damage to the right side of the road. In a few spots the water washed across the road causing some damage. Overall, I don't think the damage is more than what a tractor could fix in a few hours. I would watch out if the bus is traveling that road and it hasn't been fixed. Some parts are down to about a lane width! There was absolutely nobody down at the warning signs. I thought since it is a three day holiday, there would be some visitors. We got out and stretched for a few minutes and then headed to Rachel for an Alien Burger. The burger tasted great. There were only a few people in the Inn at the time we were there, but all the rooms were sold out and there were a few people camping in the back. There was one noticable absent resident since the recent Rachel Drug bust!

After leaving the Little A Le Inn, we headed to the back gate. Absolutely nothing going on there. The cheap motion detector was still attached to the fence and the security camera didn't even follow me when I go out to look around the area. Since there was nothing going on there we left after a few minutes.

The next stop was Pinoche. It was nice to get out of the heat of the Las Vegas Valley and spend some time in Eastern Nevada. Pinoche is a very old mining town and is the Lincoln County Government seat. It is where the Lincoln County Court House is located. This is the place you get to go if you really screw up at Area 51. They have a wonderful Labor Day Celebration. The kids enjoyed the games, rides and the cool night time parade down mainstreet.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Area 51 Forum

Here is a link to a new Area 51 forum. It is for any person interested in Area 51. Feel free to stop in and add your "two cents" worth. Topics can range from the Aurora Hypersonic Jet, Bob Lazar, or any topic you might want to throw out!

Area 51 Secrets

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another S4 Story and a W2

It seems like every few years a worker at S4 surfaces with a fancy story about UFOs, aliens, and reverse engineered crafts buried deed inside the Papoose Mountain Range near Area 51. Without fail, a W2 is offered up as proof. Sounds like the Bob Lazar story all over again. The stories are usually similar in many aspects. This one even has misspelled words on the W2. Thanks to aviation historian Peter Merlin for pointing out the mistakes. See if you can find the errors. This story is a wonderful example of the ET mythology that still is an important part of the world-wide popularity of Area 51. This story deals with Dick Cheney, alien bodies, UFO's and Bob Lazar's S4. This story has a little something for everybody. What more could any Area 51 enthusiast want?

Cheney taken to S4

Monday, July 20, 2009

Mysterious Load on ET Highway Heading North!

George Knapp shared this email and photos on the Coast To Coast Am website tonight (7-19-09). He usually guest host once a month and has a few stories or updates about Area 51. He said he believes this load might be a tractor tire heading to one of the large mines in the northern part of Nevada. He said it sure looks interesting and wondered if it was heading out to Area 51. I thought the photo was pretty interesting as well, but probably is a very large tire as well. And then, the more I look at it, I am starting to think maybe it is heading out the Area 51. I am not sure it is a tire. I have seen a few other pictures and it looks like some part of it is made of metal. Any ideas?

Here is the link to Coast To Coast AM

Mysterious Load

Monday, July 13, 2009

Please build me a "Hypersonic Jet" at Area 51

One of the things we all like to do is try and figure out what new craft or technology is being tested at Area 51. It is hard to make an conclusions from the new images recently posted on DLR. The best part of the images is that they lead to great discussions and raise more questions than answers. Nothing better than looking at images and posts during the company work time! I came across this article from the Edwards AFB website and thought to myself, "haven't we passed this point already with this technology." I guess not! Maybe we have? I was sort of wishing something with this technology would already be living in the big new hangar at our favorite operating location near Groom Lake?
Scramjet is Edward's latest experimental aircraft

I want my taxes paying for the next generation Hypersonic with test pilots like "The Right Stuff" or the Road Runners! We have the best pilots in the world without question, and I want to see them (or at least hear them) flying over Area 51 in the next generation Hypersonic. I don't look at Area 51 or anything related to it with a scientific, reasoned, educated mind set. I approach Area 51 with my "heart".

"As the speed topped out at Mach 1.05, Yeager had the sensation of shooting straight through the top of the sky. The sky turned a deep purple and all at once the stars and the moon came out - the sun shone at the same time. ... He was simply looking out into space. ... He was master of the sky. His was a king's solitude, unique and inviolate, above the dome of the world."

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Camera I Must Have Missed!

While taking a various nice couple on a tour of Area 51, I noticed a camera that I had not noticed before. It is down on Groom Lake Road near the warning signs. It is located between the hill with the two tripod mounted camera and the hill next to it. The camera can be seen far off in the distance between the two hills. It appears to be on the same type of tower as the camera at the Back Gate. I am wonder how long it has been there. It is not easy to see and it appears to be able to film the cars heading down Groom Lake Road before they get to the warning signs. Just wondering??? If you click on the photo, the picture will enlarge and make it easier to see the camera.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

(Not so) Mysterious Black Box at Rachel Area 51 Gate

If anybody knows what this box is, I would appreciate any info. I was out at the Rachel gate to Area 51 and noticed this box attached to the gate. It is on their side of the fence. It is attached with regular plastic ties from any hardware store. The box had no wires going to or from it. It made no sound and it was facing any car or truck that entered the gate. It was on the right side of the gate. It was not there a few weeks ago. I am not really sure what it is. Any guesses?

Thanks to a poster on alt.area51 it appears to be a Dakota 3000 Wireless Motion Alert Driveway Alarm. It retails for about $159. Nothing but the finest to protect the worlds most famous secret base!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Classic story from the Las Vegas Sun

Bob Lazar's S4 and Papoose Dry Lake

Here is an interesting story from the Las Vegas Sun. I never get tired reading this story. A hiker planned a trip into the Papoose Dry Lake area of the restricted area near Groom Lake looking for signs left by some of the early 49ers that eventually died in Death Valley. This is a real interesting read!

Stealth Search for History

Sat, Jul 19, 1997 (2:04 a.m.)

As the full moon rose on an April night, Jerry Freeman picked up his backpack and headed into a desolate and forbidding landscape. Driven by an obsession about an episode in American pioneer history -- and the stubbornness of the Air Force -- the 55-year-old archaeologist and adventurer began an unauthorized seven-day, hundred-mile trek through the Nevada Test Site, into highly restricted Air Force property, and near, if not in, the top-secret Area 51. His objective: To find an inscription made in 1849 by a member of a lost and desperate wagon train that eventually gave Death Valley its name. Also, Freeman wanted to see Papoose Dry Lake, the last place where the group of would-be gold-diggers camped together before splintering in search of water. His problem: The dry lake and the canyon that is thought to contain the inscription are deep within one of the nation's most restricted military bases. Freeman's subsequent adventure, described in his own words in a five-part serial that begins today in the SUN, took him through a surreal landscape that included eerie installations, ominous warning signs, a large ship stranded in the desert, and seemingly endless miles of rock and scrub brush. The trek also put him through several heart-stopping close encounters with security, a nerve-wracking moonlight tiptoe across a Test Site "potential crater area," an interview with a surly rattlesnake, and a desperate, dry-mouthed, all-night forced march in search of water. For his troubles, Freeman got a good sunburn, a good look at Papoose Dry Lake and Nye Canyon, and the discovery of an ox shoe likely left behind by the wagon train. But he never found the inscription. By the time Freeman got to Nye Canyon, where the etching is believed to be located, he was almost out of water. He had only a day to search. Freeman knew before he started that the odds were against success and that he stood a good chance of being arrested, but the lure of finding that inscription and seeing the route was too strong. "The siren song is deafening," he said in an interview with the SUN on the afternoon before he set out. "I would be the only individual to see all seven inscriptions. I've seen so much of the trail. I've seen everywhere they went except for that stretch there.
"I am smitten by the forbidden fruit."

* Late last year, Freeman led a group of five on a 32-day, 330-mile trek that followed the route taken by the so-called Lost 49ers. Those impatient pioneers, in November 1849, turned off the well-traveled Spanish Trail near what is now Enterprise, Utah, and headed southwest in hopes of finding a shortcut to the California gold fields. Instead, their unfortunate decision brought them seven weeks of misery, four deaths and the dubious honor of naming Death Valley. Freeman's group had the advantage of modern equipment, knowledge of water sources and a supply truck. But unlike the Lost 49ers, Freeman had to deal with the Air Force. The proposed trek was well-received by the National Park Service and the Bureau of Land Management. In addition, Freeman got the Department of Energy to agree to supervised visits to areas of the Test Site that could have been on the Lost 49ers route. The Air Force, however, ignored or sternly rebuffed all efforts by Freeman and his supporters to gain even limited access to the military base. Freeman, an Antelope Valley, Calif., resident, enlisted the help of his congressman, Buck McKeon, who wrote a letter to the Air Force. To no avail. The reply, Freeman said, was that the Air Force "will not allow nor will they ever allow anyone access to the area." There are seven inscriptions mentioned in the journals of the Lost 49ers, and early in last November's trek, Freeman discovered the previously unknown location of one of them. The team also found an encampment containing artifacts that were likely left by the unfortunate pioneers. Freeman and his group eventually would see all but one of the inscriptions. They had a photograph of the seventh one, taken from a history book. But there is no documentation for the photo, other than it was taken in Nye Canyon near a place called Triple Tanks. After the group trek ended in December, that last inscription -- and the Air Force's obstinacy -- kept eating at Freeman. "When you start a project ... you hope to bring it to a conclusion," Freeman said. "If you leave gaps in it, you don't have a sense of fulfillment." Besides, he said, the Air Force "treated me and my entire crew with disdain." "This is part of our American heritage. I believe I have a right to see it."

* Freeman came to the SUN because he wanted a neutral party he trusted to know when and why he was going in. "I'm no Rambo," he said before he began his clandestine journey. "I have no death wish here. I'm a middle-of-the-road American guy. I'm not a guy who protests. I pay my taxes. I've never been arrested. "I want the Air Force to know there's nothing sinister about what I'm doing. I'm not interested in the military or technology. I'm interested purely in the history and culture of that site and this artifact. "I'm an archaeologist, that's all I am." Freeman was apprehensive about tales of people venturing into Area 51 never to be seen again. He would take a cellular telephone with him and call in to leave coded messages of his condition and whereabouts. And if he saw he was about to be arrested, he would call in immediately to make sure someone on the outside knew. As he left the office, Freeman still wasn't sure he would attempt the trek. "My wife is totally against this thing," he said. "Any prudent individual would tell me not to do it." But, he admitted, his "sense of adventure" was pulling him. "Nobody's probably been in that canyon and looked around for 50 years. "I may be able to find that inscription."

* An experienced backwoodsman, Freeman traveled light. He carried no tent or sleeping bag, relying solely on his clothes and an emergency blanket for shelter. Although he had planned to call every day, Freeman left only two phone messages, one at 3 a.m. April 23 and another at 10:27 p.m. April 25. There was nothing after that. On Monday, April 28, Freeman's wife, Donna, said her husband wasn't home yet and his brother, Doyle Freeman, had said Jerry was running a day behind. I finally made contact with Jerry Freeman again the following day. Freeman related highlights of his trek, many of which he called "heart-stopping." "It was high adventure," he said. "I'm lucky. I'm just really lucky." Because he hadn't found the inscription, Freeman wasn't sure he wanted to go public with the story. He wasn't sure it was worth the legal risk. It was agreed to hold any story until he decided he was ready. Two months later, after consultations with friends, family and lawyers, Freeman was ready. He wanted to go public, he said, to bring recognition to the Lost 49ers -- particularly the four pioneer women, "the unsung heroines," who were on that wagon train.Since his group trek last year, Freeman said he has sent story proposals about the Lost 49ers to dozens of magazines and historical journals, but sparked no interest. "I feel we have shortchanged historically that particular group of pioneers," he said. "They suffered through the Great Basin as no one had before. Now it's occupied by government agencies that don't care. They don't care about that inscription or those pioneers." Freeman recognized there would be more interest in his story now that it involves the "Area 51-UFO thing." "If that works," he said, "that's a good thing."

* Whether Freeman crossed into the Air Force's fabled Area 51 is questionable.Although the Air Force recently acknowledged it has a facility in Groom Dry Lake, it refuses to comment any further on the base, much less define its boundaries. But Area 51 buffs, from studying government maps, have a clear idea where it is located. According to Glenn Campbell, the reigning civilian expert on the secret base and related UFO phenomena, Area 51 is a 60-square-mile tract that encompasses most of Groom Dry Lake. The base, he said, is snuggled up against the northeast edge of a mountain, which stands between Groom and Papoose dry lakes. In his account and in subsequent interviews, Freeman talked of climbing a ridge above Nye Canyon and looking down on Papoose Dry Lake, which is just south of the mountain. Many UFO buffs -- Freeman is not one of them -- believe a secret hangar containing captured alien spacecraft lies beneath the Papoose lakebed. "During the day I couldn't see anything," Freeman said of his view of the Papoose area. "But at night, it was a different story." Freeman saw several lights. One appeared to be a security vehicle that moved around. Another, however, was stationary and appeared to get larger and smaller -- as would a hangar door as it opened and closed. "But that's purely conjecture on my part," Freeman said. "From that distance, I couldn't tell what it was." Freeman thought he was looking into Area 51, but Campbell, who has written a book about the base, said the archaeologist was still about 10 to 15 miles south of the base, which was hidden from his line of sight by the mountain. Freeman, however, counters that Campbell is working from old maps and doesn't necessarily know what the Air Force considers to be the exact boundaries of its super-secret base. In any case, Freeman said, he wasn't there to see Groom Lake or Area 51. "The 49ers were never at Groom Lake," he said. "They were at Papoose."

* Freeman still hopes the Air Force will allow some historian -- he realizes he'll likely be blackballed -- to go into Nye Canyon and document the last inscription. "I don't think the general public should be allowed to go in there when they want to," Freeman said. "But for a legitimate educational purpose, I think we should be allowed to document it. I don't see how it would endanger national security to do that. "We do live in a time of relative peace. We're not at war. I think the Air Force needs to lighten up." Freeman also hopes to rekindle interest in pioneer history. "So much of our history has lost its relevance to our young people," he said. "They have no conception what the pioneers went through.

"Perhaps my going in there will spark their interest."

Here is the link to the Las Vegas Sun archived story

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Area 51 as busy as ever!

The Paradise Ranch provided a tour to Area 51 this morning and saw many of the workers cars parked in their usual place. From the count in the various parking lots, Area 51 is as busy as usual. I guess every few years an internet story will get passed around about Area 51 moving to Utah, Northern Nevada, or New Mexico. The stories never seem to lead to anything reliable. I am not sure what is going on at Area 51, but I know something is continuing to happen at the facility at Groom Lake.

The young man that went on the tour was a two tour veteran of the Iraqi war. He is finally out of the Army and looking to continue his education. He served in the 3rd Infantry as a tank operator. He enjoyed the usually Area 51 Tour stops and has a lot of pictures to remember his experience. It was an honor for The Paradise Ranch to provide this tour for one of our countries heros.

Friday, May 29, 2009

A recent interview with Glenn Campbell

Here is a recent interview with Glenn Campbell. Glenn did this interview in the beginning of May in Toronto. In the interview Glenn discusses Bob Lazar, Bill Uhouse, and his views on UFO's. Enjoy


Here is a link to Glenn's other web pages

Glenn Campbell

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Area 51 Worker's Truck Sticker???

I have never seen this sticker on one of the Area 51 worker's trucks parked in Alamo, Nevada. Usually there are 0ne or two trucks plus the bus. I have never seen this sticker before. Does anybody know if it has a significant meaning?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

You can own 84 acres near Area 51

Mr. Toreson is selling 84 acres near Area 51. I hope this means that the end of the Prison and Lincoln County Estates is near!!! Bye bye Mr. Toreson

Click the link for more info.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Area 51 Ground Specimens for free!

Each person who goes on one of our tours receives a small Area 51 Specimen from Groom Lake Road. It is a little token of my appreciation. I have generated a lot of interest from Area 51 enthusiast from all around the world. Obviously, it is more difficult for some to visit Area 51. If you send me a self addressed envelope, I will mail you back one of the Ground Specimens from Groom Lake Road. Hopefully, someday you will be able to take a tour and see the area for yourself. Until then, enjoy your small souvenir from The Paradise Ranch.

Click on the link to get your free Area 51 Ground Specimen

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Interesting Guests at McCarren Airport

These two planes were parked near the JANET Terminal at McCarren Airport in Las Vegas today. On occasions when the JANET Terminal is crowded or they are working construction in the area, the JANET planes have been parked where these two military planes are. I was just wondering what they were doing today. I also wonder who owns the area where they are parked?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Road To Area 51

Here is a really nice article about Area 51. The article is from the L.A. Times online newspaper.

The Road To Area 51

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Visit to the Rachel Area 51 Gate

Today we decided to go visit Area 51 for the second time this month. We enjoy heading out there as a family and seeing what is going on. Today there was a little something for everybody. I can't remember the last time we went out in this area and didn't have a great time. We started out the trip a little later than normal. It was 12:30pm when we left. With the time change, it wasn't a problem. After visiting Alamo, Area 51, and Rachel, we head to Caliente to eat dinner. It makes for a long day, but with the time change it works out perfectly. Once arriving in Alamo, we took the road to check out the Lincoln County Sheriff's Annex to see which "White Bus" will be parked out in front. They must be cutting money everywhere because the same small old Blue Bird bus was parked out in front. That has been the same bus for the past few months. I wonder what happened to the nice big new one! I am happy to say that Alamo now has a nice new pizza place to eat at. I am happy for the people that live in Alamo. The Chevron must have been getting old. This trip we decided not to go down Groom Lake Road and visit the "cammo dudes" at the warning signs. It has been a few months since I went to the back gate in Rachel during the day light, so we headed for the back gate. We arrived at the gate and found we were the only ones there. It appeared to be empty in the guard shack. If it wasn't for the camera, I would have felt completely alone there and capable of doing anything. I quickly came to my senses and realized we are never truly alone near any of the border points. The back gate looked pretty much the same. There were a few nice pieces of radar equipment behind the shack and to the left. I didn't really get a chance to take pictures of the equipment because the wind was blowing like crazy and the three females in the car with me had to use the restroom (wife, and two daughters!). We raced back to the Little A Le Inn for a restroom break and a few sodas. It was real quiet in there. After a rest at the Inn, we headed back down the ET HWY toward Caliente. A few miles from the "black mailbox" we noticed some of the Area 51 Alien cows in the road. The family loved it because there was a little calf with his mama. The family loved the cows and especially the calf. I bet those cows see and hear some pretty neat stuff! Dinner was great in Caliente and the trip back to Vegas was peaceful and relaxing. Everybody but me was sound asleep. No sighting of secret military projects, UFO's or any aliens, but the trip was still FUN!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our Family Visits Area 51

Once a month my family and I head out to Area 51. We go out there to take pictures for the website, see if anything new is going on, and most importantly to spend quality time together for the entire day. This past Saturday (3/7/09) we headed out to Area 51. We leave around 11am and our first stop is always Alamo. We check the Sheriff sub station to see which bus is parked there and take a few pictures of it. The Area 51 worker's bus was parked there along with one white workers truck. After checking out the white bus, we headed directly for the Chevron Station for a much needed bathroom break. My eleven year old daughter loves the mini burritos at the Chevron, so we had to purchase a plate for her and a corn dog for my youngest daughter. Once we filled up on snacks it was serious time. We were going to go the warning signs on Groom Lake Road. It was important that we did this before my parents come next weekend for a visit. We wanted to take a picture of me standing at the warning sign wearing a tin foil hat giving the international peace sign. Now, I normal don't make fun of anything down in this area, but we thought it would be a fun birthday present for my dad. I take the restricted area very serious and don't mess with the "Cammo Dudes". On a typical stop at the signs, I step out of my vehicle quickly and take a few shots. I never spend any length of time there. I know the "Cammo Dudes" want me out of there so I usually make it a quick stop. This time I had to wear the tin foil hat. I think the pictures actually turned out well. As we turned the last corner of Groom Lake Road, I noticed there were two cars at the signs. One car belonged to two English guys who took a few photos and then left. The other car belonged to two interesting individuals. One of the men was a retired Air Force veteran who had a few papers worth of material he was going to read on camera. The man running the camera was "Cosmo". He introduced himself as Cosmo and said he has an internet TV show dealing with UFO's. Once I put the tin foil on my head and went to the sign for a picture, Cosmo wanted to join me. I was not surprised. He and his friend seemed like really nice guys. I wanted to stick around to hear what they were going to read on film, but I never like to spend a lot of time at the border of the restricted area. We left and headed down Groom Lake Road towards HWY 375. We made many stops on Groom Lake Road for my wife to take pictures of the Joshua Trees. She has a real eye for capturing beautiful photos of nature. Our next stop was Rachel Nevada. We always stop for an Alien Burger. There were a few people in there and the burger was outstanding. Just before we left, Cosmo and his Air Force friend came into the Inn for a little snack. I wanted to stop and talk to them but we had one more stop to make. We headed up to Caliente next. Some day, my wife and I plan on retiring there. We at Pioneer Pizza. The pizza was very good. The small town was nice and quiet. We can't wait to end up there some day. After pizza, we headed back to Las Vegas. We arrived at our door at about 10pm. It was another great day at Area 51. The entire way driving back to Alamo from Caliente, I looked for those lights that I saw Tuesday, but saw nothing. I guess you don't really need to see anything in the sky to have a great time!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

UFO Hunter Area 51 Episode

I just finished watching the UFO Hunter Area 51 episode. I enjoyed it. It covered all the stuff that makes Area 51 interesting to me. I would have enjoyed it a little more if they would have really let John Lear go into some of his "wild" Area 51 claims. The Desert Rat did a great job not getting anybody killed climbing Tikaboo at night. It was neat to see Glenn involved in Area 51 again and in prime time. Peter Merlin definitely looked like a "Rock Star". The hat and jacket were great and his knowledge of the history of Area 51 and the different projects was impressive, but I already knew he is the real deal. The Hi Def shots from Tikaboo were great. The episode left me wondering "what the hell" is in that new hanger?" I also thought The Desert Rat looked a little shorter in Hi Def, or the guy he was with was really tall. Anyway, I give it a B+ I am sure the "hardcore" Black Project folks were offended by the Lazar and Lear stuff, but the Alien/UFO theories are what sells!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What if? More thoughts and ramblings from Desert Shadow

What if Area 51 was opened to the public for all to see? I have thought about this possibility many times and continue to come to the same conclusion. I don’t want to see Area 51 with my own eyes! You might be wondering why. To be completely honest, I am sure that I would be disappointed with what I find.

The more research one does into Area 51, the more obvious it is that there is no reliable proof that anything extraterrestrial ever existed at Area 51. In fact, I have not found a single piece of non refutable evidence that could be considered a “smoking gun”. I wouldn’t be completely surprised if someday that piece of evidence does surface. I can definitely see a scenario where a crashed saucer was sent to be back engineered at Groom Lake. It is remote and away from spying eyes, but the evidence show that it was CIA and Skunkworks that settled on Groom Lake as their Top Secret testing facility. Some of the projects that were developed and tested there have been declassified, so it is natural to think that the next generation of crafts are being developed and tested there. I imagine that there are some types of UAV’s that are currently being tested. I am extremely interested to see what is being housed in the new hanger that has been recently finished. It is now the largest on the base. I am thinking it is some type of unmanned fighter or bomber that is going to be housed in that hanger. How awesome would it be to have an unmanned bomber capable of delivering it’s payload to a target without the risk of the pilot being shot down? In my mind that is the logical next step in the advancement of unmanned drones.

I have to admit that any new technology is fascinating, but the majority of our population is more interested in the prospect that our scientist are working side by side with there alien counter parts, or the New World Order (Illuminati) are secretly meeting at Area 51 to planning on how to take over the world. It is a sure bet that while those may be fun to discuss, there is absolutely no proof, anything like that is actually going on. For must people, including me, the actually day to day workings of Area 51 would probably be somewhat boring. Since I can’t get near the actual base, I am free to imagine the possibilities. For that reason, Area 51 will continue to be a fascinating place. I have read many individuals who looked at Area 51 in the beginning of there research trying to prove the Alien or UFO connection only to become completely dejected and leave the journey after a few years of searching with no results. I went into this journey knowing full well what was behind those mountains, but searching and experiencing all perspectives of Area 51 with no grand illusions of what I might find. I enjoy Groom Lake Road, the signs, the mailbox, an Alien Burger from the Little A Le Inn, watching the sky above Groom Lake at night, and the unknown! If we ever found the answer to “what if” I am afraid all of the above would have less meaning and interest, therefore my journey would abruptly stop. I would be left unfulfilled, dejected and searching for a new journey. Until the gates are opened, I will continue my journey with a great deal of enthusiasm. –Desert Shadow

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Upcoming Area 51 Conference

Here is a link to an Area 51 conference this August. The list of guests looks real strong. The conference is going to cover the various aspects of Area 51. I am really interested to hear the various guests speak on their topics. The conference is going to be in Las Vegas. Looks good!

Click for more conference details