Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Recent visit to Area 51 6-27-11

I recently visited Area 51 after almost a years absence. It was exciting to get out to the desert. Not a lot has changed. The few changes I noticed, were the new ET HWY signs when entering Rachel, the back gate to Area 51 in Rachel is now paved, there is a new weather station and Community Environmental Monitoring Program device at the Little A Le Inn, and there does appear to be a new device at the bottom of the large security camera on GLR. All of these new changes can be found in the video.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Structure at the Nevada Test Site

This structure is in the North end of the Nevada Test Site near Armagosa Valley. I can't recall seeing it before. Maybe it has been there for a while and I just didn't notice it. The structure looks to be trailers, but they are too big to be trailers. The photo was taken from HWY 95 and is quite a few miles away. I am sure somebody who is into Google Earth can find it and see what it is???