Saturday, December 6, 2008

Trip Report 12-06-08

Christmas Card, Sonic Booms, and Wild Horses

Where else would a person obsessed with Area 51 go to take his family Christmas card photo? Yes, you are correct Area 51. Would this person be stupid enough to take their 65 pound pitbull to be in the photo. Yes, again you are correct. I guess that is me. We hustled out of the house around 10am and headed for Alamo. Once in Alamo we walked the dog and got a few drinks of our own. I always stop by the Lincoln County Annex in Alamo to see the which white bus is parked in front. The older bus was there with plenty of dust on it. That bus always looks like it has had a tough week of taking people down Groom Lake Road. After Alamo, we stopped at Groom Lake Road for our Christmas card photo. It took a few attempts. It seemed like our dog wanted to take off and explore for herself. I wonder what the "cammo dudes" would have done if she crossed the restricted side and I was standing on the other side. If she made it to the base, I wish she would have been able to tell me what she saw. Once the photo was done, we went to Rachel for an Alien Burger. So of the locals were talking about the increased amount of sonic booms they have been hearing in the middle of the night. They said the increase has been for about a week and usually they hear 3 right in a row. This may occur as many as 3 times a night. They seem to think they are testing something new at Area 51. I wonder if anybody else can confirm this story I heard? After Rachel, we headed up to Caliente to look around. We do hope to retire there some day. On the way to Caliente we were lucky enough to see some wild horses. The horses were so beautiful. It makes me sick to see the way the BLM is managing their herds. So many seem to be dying on the Nellis Range.

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  1. That's a great idea for a Christmas card! Wish I lived there, but I'm sure my wife wouldn't go for it. Anyway, really interesting about some possibly new technology being tested at Groom Lake.

    Keep the posts coming, thanks again!