Thursday, June 4, 2009

Area 51 as busy as ever!

The Paradise Ranch provided a tour to Area 51 this morning and saw many of the workers cars parked in their usual place. From the count in the various parking lots, Area 51 is as busy as usual. I guess every few years an internet story will get passed around about Area 51 moving to Utah, Northern Nevada, or New Mexico. The stories never seem to lead to anything reliable. I am not sure what is going on at Area 51, but I know something is continuing to happen at the facility at Groom Lake.

The young man that went on the tour was a two tour veteran of the Iraqi war. He is finally out of the Army and looking to continue his education. He served in the 3rd Infantry as a tank operator. He enjoyed the usually Area 51 Tour stops and has a lot of pictures to remember his experience. It was an honor for The Paradise Ranch to provide this tour for one of our countries heros.

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