Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Stealth Blimp?

This photo was emailed to a very credible Area 51 researcher. I can't make heads or tails out of the photo. There is just so much that people can do with photos to fake them. Has anybody seen this photo before? It was said to have been taken here: " Allegedly taken near Tybo. Comms on 257.95 to Silverblimp tower". That last sentence was included in the email. Any thoughts???


  1. I have highlighted the silhouette in the photo:
    link to image

  2. One night several years ago I saw something like this but it appeared to be displaying a copy of the sky above it only the stars on the object were out of sync with the rest of the sky. I was several miles south of Coronado Naval station which is across the bay from downtown San Diego.. I didn't know if it was my eyes playing tricks with me or what. I do not drink or use illegal drugs.

  3. I saw something similar to the previous comment in Australia, I can only describe it as an extremely large airship/blimp with some kind of coating that was attempting to blend in with the stars behind it. The coating itself seemed to be absorbing light, I cannot properly describe what it was doing to my vision but it was very unnerving. As above no drink or drugs...