Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Atomic Testing Museum Area 51 Exhibit

I have a whole different line of reasoning or feelings when it comes to the Museum. I would never go to the museum to see the Area 51 exhibit. I am sure it is put together very well and all who contributed did a great job, BUT each and every real piece of history from Area 51 chips away at the mystery surrounding Area 51. I completely understand those that once worked at Area 51 and who are now able to discuss programs, share pictures, and tell stories, deserve credit for a job well done. I by no means am belittling them for coming forward or casting any negative "juice" towards them for sharing. To my warped way of thinking, every little historical fact that comes out only chips away at the mystery that surrounds Groom Lake. With less and less mystery left, my interest seems to be slowly slipping away. I never took any of the 40-50 tours out there expecting to see any little green men or any flying saucer, but the shroud of secrecy allows for so much imagination! I can only hope and prey that they never open up the base for visitors! When I want to see cool stuff flying, Edwards is just a hop skip and jump down the road. I am sure there is a majority of the followers of this site that are completely dismissive of my ramblings because they are seriously into Black Projects and technology. I enjoy that as well, but Area 51 for me represents an enigma that is slowly but sadly being wrapped! Sometimes reality just aint all it is cracked up to be!

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