Monday, July 20, 2009

Mysterious Load on ET Highway Heading North!

George Knapp shared this email and photos on the Coast To Coast Am website tonight (7-19-09). He usually guest host once a month and has a few stories or updates about Area 51. He said he believes this load might be a tractor tire heading to one of the large mines in the northern part of Nevada. He said it sure looks interesting and wondered if it was heading out to Area 51. I thought the photo was pretty interesting as well, but probably is a very large tire as well. And then, the more I look at it, I am starting to think maybe it is heading out the Area 51. I am not sure it is a tire. I have seen a few other pictures and it looks like some part of it is made of metal. Any ideas?

Here is the link to Coast To Coast AM

Mysterious Load


  1. It does look like a big tire but to what is the question.

  2. Just thought I would comment. I am a pilot car driver (see the pick-up truck behind the Oversized Load) and I've escorted many different loads. I have also seen giant tires transported on the highway.

    I have never seen one transported with a tarp over it. Also, look at the rim of the "tire" the canvas is smooth. Tires of that size are built for off road driving (well, DUH!) and have, for lack of a better term, a knobby tread.

    Also, there seems to be a rather healthy steel mounting assembly on the truck's flat bed trailer. Most large tires are simply strapped down to the bed of the trailer.

    The truck also is probably carrying a "Super Load" I'd estimate the diameter of whatever it is as being at least 20 feet. The fact that it has a police escort means it is at least 17 feet in diameter.

    In fact the world's largest tire belongs to the Le Tourneau L-2350 loader. Made by Firestone these tires have a diameter of only 13 Feet.

    Whatever was on that truck, I don't think it was a tire!

  3. I agree with Wolfman, I work for a tire company and the largest tire in use in the world IS the 13ft tire by Firestone.
    It could be a large turbine for a power plant. Or a part for the large mine. Im not sure if there is a power plant but have seen them delivered like this. Just thought I would comment although Im not really sure what it is. Good luck in finding out!!!