Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another S4 Story and a W2

It seems like every few years a worker at S4 surfaces with a fancy story about UFOs, aliens, and reverse engineered crafts buried deed inside the Papoose Mountain Range near Area 51. Without fail, a W2 is offered up as proof. Sounds like the Bob Lazar story all over again. The stories are usually similar in many aspects. This one even has misspelled words on the W2. Thanks to aviation historian Peter Merlin for pointing out the mistakes. See if you can find the errors. This story is a wonderful example of the ET mythology that still is an important part of the world-wide popularity of Area 51. This story deals with Dick Cheney, alien bodies, UFO's and Bob Lazar's S4. This story has a little something for everybody. What more could any Area 51 enthusiast want?

Cheney taken to S4

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