Monday, July 13, 2009

Please build me a "Hypersonic Jet" at Area 51

One of the things we all like to do is try and figure out what new craft or technology is being tested at Area 51. It is hard to make an conclusions from the new images recently posted on DLR. The best part of the images is that they lead to great discussions and raise more questions than answers. Nothing better than looking at images and posts during the company work time! I came across this article from the Edwards AFB website and thought to myself, "haven't we passed this point already with this technology." I guess not! Maybe we have? I was sort of wishing something with this technology would already be living in the big new hangar at our favorite operating location near Groom Lake?
Scramjet is Edward's latest experimental aircraft

I want my taxes paying for the next generation Hypersonic with test pilots like "The Right Stuff" or the Road Runners! We have the best pilots in the world without question, and I want to see them (or at least hear them) flying over Area 51 in the next generation Hypersonic. I don't look at Area 51 or anything related to it with a scientific, reasoned, educated mind set. I approach Area 51 with my "heart".

"As the speed topped out at Mach 1.05, Yeager had the sensation of shooting straight through the top of the sky. The sky turned a deep purple and all at once the stars and the moon came out - the sun shone at the same time. ... He was simply looking out into space. ... He was master of the sky. His was a king's solitude, unique and inviolate, above the dome of the world."

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