Sunday, November 22, 2009

Busy Saturday and Beautiful Wild Horses!

We needed to take a family trip out to our favorite part of Nevada. We headed out to Eastern Nevada after a long week at work. Our plans were to visit Delamar Ghost town and Caliente. Having to drive through Alamo, we decided to take a look at the parking lot where the white bus parks on the weekend. The white bus takes workers to and from Area 51 during the weekdays. The usual sight was the amount of cars there on a Saturday morning. Normally, there are no cars parked there on the weekends. There were also cars parked at the ET HWY sign in Crystal Springs. This was very unusual. The bus appeared to be a different bus as well. I am wondering if the cars were due to construction going on at Groom Lake. Maybe they would work on certain projects during the weekend. I am not really sure, but it seems odd. Here is a photo of the busy lot (for a Saturday)
Alamo Sheriff's Annex

After taking a few photos in Alamo and Crystal Springs, we headed to Delamar Ghost Town and Caliente. The ghost town is approximately 15 miles down a dirt road from the highway. The first ten miles were ok, but the last part was way too rocky. I didn't want to chance slicing a tire on the sharp rocks out in the middle of nowhere. We made it to the Delamar Cemetery. I was really quite fascinating. Here is a link to some of the photos from this area:
Delamar Cemetery

The real treat was the journey back to the highway. We encountered two beautiful wild horses. They were suprised to see us and back away quickly, but we got some incredible shots with the old camera. Each time I see these beautiful creatures, I only hope Nevada and the BLM is doing everything they can to protect them.
Wild Horses

Here is a link to all the photos take during this wonderful Saturday getaway!
Delamar Photo Album


  1. I took a road trip out there on November 16th, and I saw many cars parked at the Crystal Springs highway sign. I assume they must be commuters going out to area 51.

  2. Here's question for you: when I stopped at the black mailbox, there was a government security vehicle parked next to it. Is this normal?

  3. I haven't seen one parked at the mailbox before, but I know they do drive around near there and on HWY 375 into Rachel often.