Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nellis AFB Aviation Nation 2009

What a great airshow. My brother and dad came down from Fresno, California for the yearly airshow at Nellis. The lines were a little long to get in and the wait for a bus back to the parking lot after the show was long as well, but the Thunderbirds and other performers more than made up for the lines. It was cool to see the B-52 and her crew. I asked one of the crew members how he likes flying on the Nellis Range. He enjoys coming out there. He is stationed in Lousiana. Of course, I had to ask him about flying over Area 51 and the restricted airspace. He replied, "I have know idea about any of that". Good answer! Here is link to the other photos and a few videos I took of the Thunderbirds.

Nellis AFB Aviation Nation 2009

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  1. I flew down for Aviation Nation. When talking to the aggressor pilots, I carefully asked about the no-fly "box" in the range and if it made things difficult. They confirmed that it is difficult when engaged in combat, and that it does happen, resulting in instant grounding and a chewing out by a colonel.