Friday, November 6, 2009

White Blazer Cammo Dude?

I took a great grandma and her grandson out to Area 51 for a tour. The two of them were from Virginia. I am sure walking around the "Strip" in Las Vegas Halloween night was an adventure. It probably was more of an adventure than heading out to Area 51. The two were really excited about the tour. They were amazed at the desolation of the desert in that area, but also appreciated the beauty of it. The tour included all of the typical stops and sights. The only thing out of the ordinary was the white Blazer that showed up to talk to the "cammo dudes" at the warning signs. I had never seen that Blazer before. All of the current "cammo dude" trucks are a brownish color that blends in very well with the surrounding desert. The white truck came up from behind and two "cammo dudes" jumped out and started talking to the other two dudes in the brown truck. The driver of the white Blazer sure had a nice hand gun strapped to his leg. I wonder what kind of a gun it was? I had a nice pair of binoculars on them to see what was up! After watching them talk for a while, we left the area and headed to the mailbox.

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