Saturday, October 11, 2008

"All Hail ! The King is Back"

Just like a Roman General returning from battle, Glenn Campbell is back! Glenn (the original Area 51 researcher) is back from his ten year battle with the real world. I for one am glad that the "Desert Rat is back on the scene. Nobody can sum things up with a keyboard quite like the Desert Rat. Glenn has started a Tour business. He certainly would be a "kick" to hang out in the desert for a few hours with. I think everybody can agree his early work with his website and Area 51 Research Center in Rachel, really got the ball rolling. There have been a few nice sites that were able to carry on, but none has his attention to detail. It has been funny watching the various discussion forums related to Area 51 at some of the larger websites get all worked up with his return. The insults and petty little comments from individuals who only pretend to dig around in the Southern Nevada Desert (because they live many states away) have been hilarious. Why are so many threatened by his return. Hummm... Maybe because he is the best at what he does. When you read his writings on Area 51 and the psychological affects it has on people and their lives, you will understand. Area 51 is so much more than just Top Secret planes and UFOs. Glenn Campbell has a way of explaining it all. On my blog list, I included a link to his blogs (Area 51 Interceptors). From there, you can get to his websites. Check them out! Glad to see the Desert Rat is back. Glad to see you survived the past ten years in the real world.

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