Thursday, October 2, 2008

Remote Viewing and Steve Fossett

I don't know how anyone else feels, but this remote viewing never quite seems to hit the mark! I have heard over and over on Coast To Coast am the premier remote viewer Ed Dames describe his skills. He never quite hits the target. He hasn't found the body of Natalie Holloway (his team continues the search) and now he is off with the location of Steve Fossett. It seems to me that if it was legit, remote viewing a national case successfully would make a huge statement. He charges almost $700 for his workshops in Las Vegas. I guess it is working for him.
The following article is from

" The discovery by a hiker of some of Steve Fossett's personal belongings near Mammoth Lakes was announced today. Pictured is a map with location "B" being the general area where Fossett's items were found, and the location of the plane wreckage "A" cited by Ed Dames during his July 10, 2008 C2C appearance. Based on the map legend, the locations are around 40-50 miles apart. Ed Dames appeared briefly at the start of the show, commenting that the objects found on the ground may not be relevant to the crash site."

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