Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Quite a stir for some, but not for all!

It was interesting to watch the hoax photo cause some interest at various website discussion forums. Not everybody got involved and commented. I felt as if many knew that it was a picture of a rock being thrown from Tikaboo Peak, and therefore never entered the discussion. Some individuals dismissed it right away. Some individuals couldn't make up there mind and were bothered by others who were not at least willing to discuss it being legit. A few had some interesting theories. I on the other hand was very interested in how people were reacting to "it". Honestly, I couldn't really tell what the heck it was. It didn't look real, but it looked to weird to be a rock thrown from the mountain. Glenn Campbell himself is an interesting part of the Area 51 puzzle. His piece doesn't quite fit into any of the Area 51 puzzle perfectly. I can understand why he did. Why not? The reaction and the attention would surely follow a stunt like this. I don't believe he did it for the attention completely. That obviously played a part. I think Glenn enjoys the interaction between the different people involved in researching, studying, and or reading about Area 51. I am very much interested in what goes on around Area 51 as much as what is being worked on inside. I am very open about my interest and sometimes I hear from it on various discussion forums. No I don't believe there are or were ever Aliens at Area 51, but the Alien myths surrounding Area 51 are just as important as any Top Secret plane developed there. That is why I get so upset at the "hardcore" Black Project Researcher who completely dismiss any alien folklore, Bob Lazar discussion, or anything related to what 99% of the people believe about Area 51. It is difficult to find a mix between the two sides. ATS is way to conspiracy crazy and I have my concerns about some of the individuals who post at Dreamlandresort.com. They can be quite rude at times defending their ideals. A few are very arrogant. Dreamlandresort is definitely the best out there. I know the owner keeps it the way he wants and wont let it get like ATS. That is a good thing. I am glad Glenn is back. I truly enjoy his writing and the interest he has in Area 51. The post about the UFO crew he led up Tikaboo was priceless. The writing in that post was some of the best. I enjoyed every word. I only hope there is more like that from the Desert Rat. He still is the BEST!

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