Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jesse "The Body" Ventura visits Area 51!

It looks like the new season of Conspiracy Theories with Jesse Ventura started this past Friday. The episode was about the germ lab on Plum Island. I watched all of the episodes last season and was entertained with the show. The topics were good, but Jesse just never really seemed to get any "smoking gun" concerning the topics covered, but he is an interesting character and made for an entertaining hour. The second show this season is going to be about Area 51. The previews looked interesting, but sort of gone over many times on many shows before. It looks like he interviews George Knapp and a few other regulars. The webmaster of Dreamland Resort and overall top notch Area 51 researcher is in the episode as well. The show airs Friday at 10pm Pacific. I will definitely DVR this episode. I don't expect anything monumental to come from this episode, but I am hoping it will at least be entertaining.

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