Monday, October 25, 2010

Possible UFO or cow spotted above Creech AFB

While driving home to Pahrump, I caught what appeared to be a UAV returning home to Creech AFB. I usually travel with my digital camera or video camera, but did not this time. I only had my cell phone. While driving I managed to snap a shot of what appeared, with the naked eye, to clearly be a UAV, but upon further review, at home, it appears to be a flying cow or UFO! It is really cool to drive by and catch one of the UAV's flying around Creech AFB. It truly is the wave of the future for the Air Force. There has been a tremendous amount of construction at Creech AFB. The construction started a few months ago and it appears to be continuing with quite a bit of construction in all areas of the base. It is really an awesome sight to see the Predator flying past the car along the Hwy heading home to Creech AFB. This Predator UAV landed shortly after 6pm.

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  1. All of you should know that you are wrong about the place. Well not all wrong . But thing is it is more of a very old out post of the first ones, and that isn't all that black ops troop fly out of there . There is more and maybe more I'll tell you.