Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Possible F-117 alive and well at Area 51?

For the last few days there has been quite a bit of "buzz" about a possible sighting of a F-117 near Area 51. It is reported, from a very reliable source that the two photos and video of the F-117 are legit and they are recent and they are from near Area 51. I will work on posting the photos and video when permission is granted. The photographer wants to remain completely anonymous. It was verified that the F-117 did not come from Tonopah Test Range where the F-117 have been stored in a "mothball" state since the official retirement in 2008. If one is alive and well and being flown out of Groom Lake, that may not be too surprising after all. I can imagine Area 51 using a F-117 for testing purposes. Maybe some new technology has been added or they it has been designed to fly as a UAV. Who knows? Any guesses? When the photos and video becomes available, I will surely post for all of you!

Click the link below to visit a site that has the two photos and a video of the F-117
F-117 Post Retirement

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