Sunday, October 17, 2010

What Happens If You Cross the Line at Area 51

This video has been around for a while, but it never gets old. This should put to rest all of the people who keep talking about Area 51 being moved to Utah or other nonsense along those lines. Area 51 is as busy as possible and the security is as strict as any place on Earth!


  1. so if no one knows where the hell is area 51 it at like well for me for example i have a 5th grade learning level.if i stumble opon area 51 and didnt know it or i was just woundering around and found area 51 and i didnt know it why is it a secreat that noone is allowed to see or go into area 51 without doing any harm to noone at all just walking or driveing into area 51 without doing any such harm to my self or anyone why the hell is it a secreate that noone is allowe to see or visit area 51 whats the big ideal about area 51.the way i see it i care less what u have in area 51 its just an experience that maby people should be able to see area me i care less what u all do their it was before my time so i cant visit or walk into area 51 without getting into trubl what happens if someone stumbles into area 51.i get ssi monthly and im disable im not going to lie about it i wounder about stuff like area 51 whats the big ideal anyways about area 51 why a big secreate about this place.does anyone know whats is the deal of such place in area 51.if im not causeing no harm or im not doing no harm to anything in area 51 whats the big ideal of a damage could a person what the big ideal of area 51 why is is so hidden and a hidden secreat to the outside world it wasnt my time of the area 51 so i dont see a big deal of this hidden secreat if i wanted to go visit this hidden base i will get arested and go to jail.

  2. Because it's meant to be a secret retard. People have religions and if they find out about true things about extraterrestrials, they'll go mad and the whole world will be thrown into chaos. By the way, if we DID know what was going on in there, the scientists are probably testing and doing so much injections on real alien life forms and abusing them against their will. And we, as America, who owns Area 51, will try and press charges if we had evidence.